Register Of LIP

The establishment and maintenance of the MaLIA Register of Library and Information Professionals is stipulated in the MaLIA Statute that indicates that amongst its objectives, MaLIA should "maintain a register of qualified librarians". 

This Register will continue where the Register of Qualified librarians has left off. The MaLIA Council believes that the new name reflects better the changing nature of our profession. In order to ensure continuity, MaLIA will be transferring professionals registered in the previous register to the new register automatically as long as these professionals are still MaLIA members. 

During the launch, the Hon. President of MaLIA, Dr Paul Xuereb, gave a brief overview of the origins of MaLIA and how the register was developed. Mr Laurence Zerafa, Library Manager at MCAST, explained the work involved in preparing a new set of bye-laws that reflected the changes that have occurred in our profession.

An overview of the bye-laws regulating access to this register was provided by Mr Robert Mizzi, the current MaLIA Chairman.

To download the Bye-Laws of the Register of Library and Information Professionals, click here.

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