Dr Charles J. Farrugia doctoral graduation

31 Jul 2017

The Council of MaLIA would like to congratulate Dr Charles J. Farrugia for his doctoral graduation from Aberystwyth University. Farrugia is Malta’s national archivist, a lecturer and member of theBoard of Studies at the Department of Library, Information and Archive Sciences at MaKS, a lifemember of MaLIA and has also served on Council in the past.

This achievemnet meant that Dr Farrugia becomes the first Maltese to be awarded a PhD in Archivesand Records Management. Following his studies leading to a Masters in history from the Univesityof Malta, he studied archives and records managment at post graduate level at the University ofNorthumbria in Newcastle and University College London. Farrugia continued with his studies atAberystwyth which is one of the three UK universities offering such a qualification.A year ago Farrugia successfully defended his thesis entitled ‘The Role and Organisation of EUNational Archives: An Application and Evolution of the Dresner Model’.

The study was carried outunder the supervision of Professor David Ellis and Dr Julie Dawn Mathias. It maps the development of EU national archives from a management perspective and applies the Dresner cultureperformance model on three cases studies - the National Archives in Kew, the National Archives ofFinland and the State Archives of Cyprus. The study proposes adaptations to the model in order forthe creation of a new yardstick to measure performanace in a national archives environment.

Dr Charles J Farrugia doctoral graduation