MaLIA participates in Generation Code interactive Exhibition

5 Nov 2016

MaLIA participated in Generation Code interactive Exhibition held at the European Parliament on 18-19 October 2016, which a “Meet and Greet” session with Maltese MEPs.

The aim of Generation Code which was organised by EU project Public Libraries 2020 was to “showcase the new ways in which public libraries are important centres for developing digital skills in their local communities and to strengthen bonds and create connections between libraries and European policy makers” (PL2020).
The Public Libraries 2020 demonstrated to MEPs the exciting world of coding and robotics, with fun activities to stimulate the excellent daily work of public libraries in introducing new technologies to their communities.

The following fun coding activities were presented:
 Make your own “Makey Makey” Sensor with Cologne Public Library
 Smartphone and tablet tips&tricks with Tallinn Central Library
 Makey Makey programming workshop with Lyon Public Library
 Transcribathon with Europeana

The activities were also targeting towards the younger generation:
-Finch robots with Information Society Development Foundation and Gorlice Public Library (age 7-13)
Mini Etudes on interactive floor – interactive story telling with SEP MERITUM (age 4-6)
Lego Mindstorms with SEP MERITUM (age 4-6)

The objective of the exhibition was to show that public libraries are an essential player in ensuring that the European Union´s New Skills Agenda for Europe and the Digital Single Market are a success.

At the end of the exhibition, a workshop on “Understanding Copyright Reform: implications for Europe´s libraries, cultural heritage and research institutions, a stakeholder debate” also is took place. MaLIA was represented by its Chairperson, Martes Pfeiffer Paris, who met with Maltese MEPs and discussed matters related to the role of libraries in relation to literacy and social inclusion.

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