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Issue 9 (September, 2012) of EBLIDA news

Contents of Issue 9:

Page 1: Presidential Editorial

Page 2: News round-up: European Union, EBLIDA and Europe; Proposed directive on collective management of copyright and related rights and multi-territorial licensing of rights in musical works for online uses in the internal market; IFLA—The Future of Information and Library Associations;

Page 3: News round-up: EBLIDA feedback from IFLA WLIC,11-17 August 2012; EBLIDA office receives a visit from the Luxembourgish Librarians’; Archivists’ and Documentalists’s Association (ALBAD)

Page 4: EBLIDA Activities: EBLIDA E-books Campaign at IFLA WLIC; EGCIS meeting in Helsinki; EBLIDA partner of next Library.

Page 5: EBLIDA Who’s Who: The Finnish Research Library Association.

Page 6&7: Events and Dates

Category winner of the 2012 e-inclusion awards: Library Development Program – Information Society Development Foundation, Poland

28 June 2012

The primary objective of Library Development Programme (2009 – 2014) of the Information Society Development Foundation (FRSI) is to provide equal opportunities for the underserved population living in rural areas. This has been achieved by revitalizing local libraries and providing them with multimedia equipment and internet access. Training has also been offered in order to improve staff capacity. The initiative covers more than 3,300 libraries servicing 10.6 million inhabitants. It has provided internet access to c. 750,000 people, half of which have made their first click on the internet in libraries. The libraries participating in the program assist more than 50,000 people annually, offering group classes and individual consultations on the hardware and internet usage.

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York opens UK's first Library Reading Cafe in Rowntree Park

While many local councils face increasing difficulties in keeping libraries going, York is opening new ones by combining their traditional role with other attractions.


Category winner 2012 e-inclusion awards: Cibernàrium – Barcelona Activa:ICT skills for employability and competitiveness

27 June 2012

Barcelona Activa is the local development agency for the Barcelona area and actively promotes ICT skills, training and environments for digital inclusion, employability and competitiveness. Cibernàrium offers free digital training for internet beginners at two Cibernàrium centres and 11 satellite centres located in public libraries. Cibernàrium provides a wide range of practical internet-related training activities that helped 75,219 participants in 2011 to develop their IT skills, promoting their e-inclusion and employability. The digital literacy programming of Cibernàrium includes 45 training activities characterized by their short length (between 1 and 2 hours), practical and innovative contents and flexible timetables. The Cibernàrium programme has now moved beyond digital literacy and has opened a second centre specialising in providing advanced and theme & sector-oriented IT training for professionals and companies to improve their competitiveness.

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Books without borders

Representatives of the EU's ebook value chain met in Brussels on the 26 June 2012 for high-level discussions on creating a digital single market for ebooks. Participants included Vice- President Neelie Kroes, and representatives from major publishing and distribution companies and platform providers


E-books campaign by EBLIDA

During its 20th Annual Conference in Copenhagen on 11 May 2012, EBLIDA launched the first step of its European Campaign for e-books in Libraries.With this campaign, EBLIDA aims to draw the attention of politicians and citizens of the European Union both to the risks and threats at stake for libraries and their patrons (therefore also to the citizens) with the current situation in the volatile market of e-books in which libraries
have very few rights.


The UK National Archives brings web archiving to local authorities 
25 July...The National Archives is working with local authorities to pilot a web archiving model which will ensure important online information is preserved for future generations.

How information professionals support effective communication and workflows in social science research
IWR news desk, Information World Review 19/07/2011

Debate on volunteer-run libraries 
Public Libraries News, 23 July 2011

American Library Association takes up resolutions in support of WikiLeaks source
At the American Library Association Annual Conference a resolution was issued calling for the release of Bradley Manning, the soldier accused of leaking classified documents to WikiLeaks.

Book Capital 2013
Bangkok, Thailand has been designated World Book Capital 2013 by UNESCO.