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Welcome to the official website of the Malta Library and Information  Association (MaLIA). 

MaLIA was set up in 1969 with the aim of creating  a meeting ground for people engaged or interested in the library and  information profession in Malta. To read more about MaLIA and how to become a member, click here.

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The Importance of Libraries and Archives within the Maltese context and their role for preserving the Maltese Literature Heritage

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The Malta Library and Information Association (MaLIA) and the Malta Libraries are proud to 
organise jointly for the first time an award-giving event on Friday 12th December 2014. The 
Information Management Profession Awards 2014 shall take place at the National Library of Malta in 
Valletta at 8:30.

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A member state is not in breach of EU copyright law if it were to legislate so as to permit its national public libraries to digitise books in their collection in order to make them available at electronic reading points, without the consent of the copyright holder, the Court of Justice of the European Union has affirmed.

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MaLIA Newsletter  -
Issue 142 (Jan - Dec 2013)
now published.
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Conference presentations now available to download in PDF  
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