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Welcome to the official website of the Malta Library and Information  Association (MaLIA). 

MaLIA was set up in 1969 with the aim of creating  a meeting ground for people engaged or interested in the library and  information profession in Malta. To read more about MaLIA and how to become a member, click here.

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The worldwide web has just celebrated its 25th birthday anniversary. Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the web’s creator, recently made a call to action regarding our internet rights. Arguing that the web is facing serious threats to its openness and neutrality from powerful institutions and interests, including governments and corporations, he challenges us “to make a big communal decision. In front of us are two roads: which way are we going to go?

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The popularity of public libraries is falling as fewer people borrow books, although library membership increased slightly, according to data published by the National Statistics Office.

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The final report of the census was published this week by the National Statistics Office, giving a snapshot of the population, including the level of education.

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Issue 142 (Jan - Dec 2013)
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